Homemaker / Home & Community Assistance

We Care About Your Health and Independence

Aging or a disability can limit individuals from living independently in their homes alone. Such individuals may need assistance to carry out selected household tasks. If your loved one is challenged and struggling to live a healthy and happy life in the comfort of their home, consider our client-centric community and home care assistance programs. At King’s Grace Homecare, we provide assisted living for TBI patients, home caregiver services, and have nursing homes for TBI patients. Our goal is to provide the extra help your loved one needs to live a content life with dignity, comfort, and safety.

Under this service, we provide timely and comprehensive care in settings including:

Our caregiver services ensure your loved one receives the highest care and assistance wherever and when they need it the most.

Home & Community Assistance- What’s Included?

At King’s Grace Homecare, the purpose of our homemaker/home & community assistance service is to provide a helping hand to clients and their family caregivers. With our supervised support and superior caregiving services, you can ensure your loved one is cared for at all times and run errands easily. Rest assured, we ensure your support system never breaks down or reaches a standstill.

Our home & community assistance service includes the following:

How Clients and Their Families Benefit

Here are some of the many benefits of our homecare assistance program and homemaker services to our clients and their families:

At King’s Grace Homecare, we aim to provide our patients with a superior level and hands-on caregiver services with companionship and dignity. We also provide assisted living homes near you so you can have peace of mind while ensuring the utmost care of your loved ones. Our caregivers are trained, experienced, and certified. We ensure the caregiver provides your loved one the best care they need to live a happy and healthy life with contentment.

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